villa korsh
Sben Korsh focuses on architectural and urban issues in American cities. His work addresses socioeconomic and environmental justice issues in housing, coastal landscapes, and urban parks. Currently he researches twentieth century planning policies of New York City’s Jamaica Bay.

Korsh interns with the Institute for Public Architecture. Previously, he interned with the Architectural League of New York and the Skyscraper Museum. In the past he fundraised for Friends of the High Line, interned with editors of Metropolis magazine, volunteered with Van Alen Institute, and edited Spitzer School of Architecture’s Informality journal.

He studies history through an independent program at the City University of New York, studying mostly at City College’s Spitzer School of Architecture. The City College Fellowship, Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellowship, and Josh & Judy Weston Public Service Scholarship support his education.

Raised by two architects in Minneapolis, he now lives in New York.
City Center Renovation by Jean Renaudie
Ivry/Seine, France (1969-72)
  1. City Center Renovation by Jean Renaudie

    Ivry/Seine, France (1969-72)

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